Agrilogística, 2021



Agrilogística (Agrilogistics) is an exhibition about the uses of automation and imaging technologies within the context of industrial agriculture and horticulture. It is an invitation to a sensory journey in which the role of high-tech greenhouses in ecological transformations and the future of food production is explored through the moving image. The exhibition proposal revolves around an installation that suggests a shift from the hypnotic, kinetic space of the assembly line to a dreamlike space of the plant, animal and machine world. Image production and agro-industrial production are indiscernible from each other in a show about the very production of images, about cameras that film cameras, about images that become amalgams of data, about non-human actors that call into question the very notion of fiction.


Agrilogística has been produced in the context of BCN-Producció 2021, at La Capella (Barcelona) with the support of Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB).




Space Design:
GOIG - Miquel Mariné i Pol Esteve Castelló

Construction of the structure:
Grup Sabater


Pep Herrero

Drenthe Crew:

Production: Vivianne Jorritsma
Consulting Producer: Sabine Groenewegen
Sound: Oriol Campi Solé
Animal Handling: Roel Ruwaard & Nico van der Velden
Robot operation: Jochen Hemming (Agrofood Robotics, WUR)

Mentoring process:

Alexandra Laudo

With the collaboration of:

Barcelona 2021. World Capital of Sustainable Food Production
Bienal Ciutat i Ciència
Wageningen University
Goldsmiths, University of London

Produced by:

La Capella – BCN Producció

Many thanks to:

Ros Gray
Wood Roberdeau
Krista Lynes
Yayo Herrero
Mark Tilzey
Maria Puig de la Bellacasa
Dimitris Papadopoulos
Santiago Rivas
Ariadna Serrahima
Guillem Serrahima
Sangbum Ahn
Anna Moreno
Daniel Jacoby
Jaume Ferrete
Maddi Barber
Ainara Elgoibar
Usue Arrieta
Irati Gorostidi
Sarah Pearce
Goldsmiths Time Based Media Team
Goldsmiths Art Research cohort
Goldsmiths Artists' Film & Moving Image 2018-2019 cohort
Daniel Steegman Mangrané
Mercedes Mangrané
Jessica Sarah Rinland
Jochen Hemming
Michel Ijzerman
Emanuele Correani
Chris Uiterwijk
Roel Ypma
Reinout Hellenthal
Gerrit Kamstra
Ruud Slot
Wiebe Lamsma
Stefan Dingemanse
Lucia Moreno
Francesc Serra
Claudia Pagès
Bianca Hlywa

Yvonne van der Drift (Deliflor)
Andreas Hofland (Hortikey)
Paul Blom (ISO Group)
Dennis van Dijk (Logiqs)