Bliss Point, 2023
Film – 26 min


 Bliss Point focuses on the transformation of food into moving images by documenting the new regimes and infrastructures of distribution. From the advanced technologies of circulation in AI-managed warehouses to commercial perception and representation in food photography studios, the journey portrays fragmented coexisting realities. The term 'bliss point' refers to a specific amount of an ingredient such as salt, sugar or fat in order to optimize the palatability of a product. In the film, this concept is expanded to include other aesthetic and scopic qualities. Together with Future Foods (2021), and Agrilogistics (2022) it completes the trilogy on image and food regimes.




Technical Details:

Title: Bliss Point
Year: 2023
Duration: 26 min
Country: Italy, UK and Spain
Format: 4K AppleProRes4444/DCP, Dolby Surround 5.1


By Cristina Daura


Tate Modern: Politics of Food


Produced by Lo Schermo dell’Arte with Fondazione In Between Art Film
with the support of the VISIO Production Fund Creative Producer: Leonardo Bigazzi

With additional support of Medialab Matadero as part of LAB#02 curated by Eduardo Castillo Vinuesa, Goldsmiths Art Research, Consortium for the Humanities and the Arts South-east England (CHASE), Tractora Koop As part of the Barrunbe Residency Program at Atoi.

A film by : Gerard Ortín Castellví  Editing: Ainara Elgoibar, Usue Arrieta, Gerard Ortín Castellví Assistant Producer: Bianca Hlywa Sound Design: Oriol Campi Solé Color Grading: Anna Barsukova Research Advice: Ros Gray, Wood Roberdeau Prop Fabrication: Robert Mc Leod.

Unit I

Cinematography: Albert Badia, Gerard Ortín Castellví Sound: Simon Williams Assistant Producer: Bianca Hlywa Filmed at: Finesse Films (Spain), Novameat (Spain) Finesse Films: Mariu Monsalve, Esther Padial, Angelo Freda, Alejandro H. Madrid, Lis Acconciagio, Javier González, Juan Amundarain, Luis Giordana, Belén Menjibar Novameat: Francesco Riccobono, Giuseppe Scionti, Joan Solomando, Lucía Gutiérrez, Novameat Team.

Unit II

Cinematography: Gerard Ortín Castellví Sound: Oriol Campi Solé Drone Cinemaptography: Henrik Jensen (Helikopterfoto) Assistant Producer: Bianca Hlywa Filmed at: Matsmart-Motatos (Sweden), Element Logic’s Autostore (Sweden) Matsmart-Motatos: Isabelle Bjerlestam, Hanna Thofelt Lindstrom , Friedrick Karlsson, Hanor Hashid Element logic: Joachim Kieninger, Anders Bohlin, Marco Dewitz, Albert Vidal, Elena de Jesús, Oscar Blomberg.

Unit III

Cinematography: Pep Bosch Sound: Tom Fisher Gaffer: Duncan Yeldham Producer: Lisa Barnard Art Direction: Bianca Hlywa Fox: Blaze Wranglers: Barbara Molloy, Angela Bell Grip: Mo Abdi Cooks: Sheryar Ahmed, Asfandyar Ahmed Riders: Kevin Marte, Amar Yousif Abakar Filmed At: Jongor Hire (UK) Jongor: Tom Dawson, Millie Smith, Jongor Team.

Many thanks to: Agnese Marino, Alba Baeza, Alessandro Rabottini, Ane Rodríguez, Anna Castellví, Anna Colin, Ariadna Serrahima, Aziz Hazara, Beatrice Bulgari, Beatrice Galluzzo, Beny Wagner, Boris Puyana, Clara Pereda, Edgar Schmidtz, Gabriel Ortín, Galeria Àngels Barcelona, Guillem Serrahima, Gwil Hughes, Hanna Rullman, Jenny Lindblom, Jol Thoms, Jordi Morera, Josefin Arnell, Julia Nueno, Julian Siravo, Jérémie Danon, Lur Olaizola, Maryam Tafakory, Paul Heintz, Pol Esteve, Randa Maroufi, Santiago Rivas, Sasha Litvintseva, Silvana Fiorese, Silvia Lucchesi, Simon Liu, Sophie Cavoulacos, Susan Schuppli, UCL Department of Anthropology, Valentine Umansky, Yuyan Wang.