Inframince, 2013


Inframince suggests a stereoscopic exploration of nature as a psychic space. The work presents a natural environment that progressively morphs into a synthetic space. Such a transition becomes evident through the appearing objects; from vegetation, trees, plants and viscous liquids to modelling materials, reflective substances, artificial lights, plastics and mirrors.

Usually, stereosocpy is used as an effect to generate a tridimensional space in which each still is not treated independently but rather as a merged image that rejects their own particularities. In Inframince, the tridimensional effect is occasinally withdrawn, revealing the idiosincracy and independency of each image.



SIS galeria (Sabadell)

Curated by
Marc Vives

With the support of:
Galeria Estrany–de la Mota
OSIC Oficina del Suport a la Iniciativa Cultural