Intravia, 2012–2014


Organised into twelve sessions for fifteen people, registered in advance, Intravia consisted on a 3h night-time route around Collserola woods (Barcelona). An unknown natural space, a culturally intervened space and each person's own mental space become at once scene and player. The limits of perception, the symbolic construction of place and the physical experience of the same operate as both stimuli and obstacles. Tinged with ritual meaning established a dialogue between audience, environment and artistic intervention. Those embarking on the route, with its different stages, formats for interaction and tempos, are guided by a protocol that is announced at the starting point.

Unhesitating in his commitment to autonomy in managing his formula and discourse, in this project Ortín closes his cycle of works connected to this particular place. At the same time, he opens up new channels for his personal approach to nature. Ecologically ethical, but not driven by ecologist protest, his artistic meditation blends experience and intellect through bodily adaptation to the architecture of the natural environment.

An "animal approach to landscape" as cultural phenomenology, which eschews such hackneyed concepts as bucolic romanticism and landscape preciousness to seek real experimentation through intimacy.

Download Interview with curator Alex Brahim



Phantom Limb Song by Jaume Ferrete Vázquez


BCN Producció '12. (La Capella, 2012)
Secció Irregular (Mercat de les Flors, 2014)

Jaume Ferrete with White Noise Car Parade & Phantom Limb Song.
Cristian Herrera with Auditive Channel.
Olfactive object
designed by Laurent-David Garnier.

Irati Gorostidi
Albert Coma
Willi Maese
Cristian Herrera
Guille Vidal-Ribas
Víctor Mier
Gerard Ortín
Nil Ortín
Marc Vives
Jaume Ferrete

Mirari Echávarri
Marc Vives

Video documentation:
Mercedes Mangrané

Many thanks to
Alex Brahim
Marc Larré
Ana Aitana
Joaquim Pujol
Ane Agirre
Anna Castellví