Ruta, 2011


Conceived as a walk-performance, it was structured in three parts and consisted on a daytime route through the woods. At the first part, participants were invited to follow a fictionalized path where diverse interventions had been set up. From physical obstacles (fallen trunks, PVC pipes, unearthed roots, glass bottles, fungi, cans, etc.) to minimal performances (a figure hanging from a tree, the distant sound of a drum) that took place as the participants walked around. At the second part, the attendees were led through the forest’s undergrowth, where tube-shaped paths are found, mainly traced by wild boars inhabiting the area. Without a clear direction, each participant had to adapt their movements to that particular space. The last part of the route, free of interventions, was the way back to the city. The participants walked across outlying streets which returned them to the train station.


Víctor Mier

Carla Tramullas
Marc Vives

Alexandra Laudo [Heroínas de la Cultura]
Azotea (Ane Agirre i Juan Canela)
Julieta Dentone

Many thanks to:
Guim Camps
Daniel Jacoby
Víctor Mier
Cristian Herrera
Marc Vives
Arnau Bosc
Alexandra Laudo
Julieta Dentone

Stereoscopic photographs from
Josep Maria Salvany's archive

1. At the footbridge of Les Planes, 1919.
2. Dancing at Les Planes, 1919.
3. View of the first act of Maruxa at Theater of Nature in Vallvidrera, 1916.