Vijfhoek, 2015


Vijfhoek consisted of a walk-performance across Diemer Vijfhoek —also known as the PEN-eiland—, a green area in the municipality of Diemen, east of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). This artificial pentagonal peninsular exists as the result of the dredging of sand during the 70’s in order to create dikes to protect the electric power plant that provided electricity to the eastern area of Amsterdam and Diemen.

The performance explored the notion of toxicity-in-nature through a tactile walk across rough nettle fields. Participants were wearing special suits isolating them from the vegetation, preventing any allergic reaction. Along the walk, a performer was providing some directives as well as information about the history of the Diemerzeedijk, which used to be a chemical dump.



Gerard Ortín Castellví

With the support of:
SMBA (Stedelijk Museum Buro of Amsterdam)
Sandberg Insituut


Oneka von Schrader

Gerard Ortín Castellví

Claudia Pagès Rabal
Laurent-David Garnier

Many thanks to:
Yazan Khalili
Ryan Rivadeneyra
Daniel Jacoby
Tamara Kuselman
Irati Gorostidi
Kent Chan
Nicoline Van Harshkamp
Maxine Kopsa
Krist Gruijthuijsen
Raimundas Malašauskas

Analogue Photography:
Irati Gorostidi

Digital Photography:
Gerard Ortín Castellví

Archive Images:  
Paul Paris
Courtesy of Archive Beeldbank Historische Kring Diemen