Wolf Urine, 2017
Series of 20 Photographs


20 Medium Format Photographs. Digital print. 80 x 63 cm.


As the title 1 kilometer of the A-331B road between Ormijana and Subijana Morillas (Arkamo Mountains) indicates, this series of 20 photographs focuses on the plastic bottles containing wolf urine that are hidden accross the A-331B road in Araba (Basque Country).

Departing from research conducted for the exhibition Reserve, the photographs reveal how certain public administrations in Spain are deploying bottled wolf urine imported from the US as a border technology to regulate the presence of deers and wildboars, in an attempt to prevent them to cross roads. In the absence of a predator, these species have become overpopulated causing an increase in car crashes.



Irati Gorostidi Agirretxe
Ainara Elgoibar Agirrebengoa
Gerard OrtĂ­n CastellvĂ­

Ignacio Bilbao

With the support of:
Tractora Koop, E.
Azala Espacio